• Best Practices for Balancing Agility, Innovation and Security

    One of the challenges that IT risk management and information security teams face in their efforts to protect the enterprise is that company-wide security practices and requirements are often looked upon as a hindrance to organizational agility and innovation.

  • Authenticating the World's Email

    Readers of this column have come to recognize my incessant on-and-on about the need for improvements in global email security infrastructure.

  • Hardware-Secured Remote Browsing

    Anyone who has endured one of my graduate courses knows the huge fuss I make about learning to read technical papers - and this includes patents.

  • Self-Assessing Cyber Tendencies

    Back in 1923, Katherine Cook Briggs wanted to understand the tendencies of her daughter's unusual fiancé, so she turned to the works of Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

  • Hyper-Converged Platform Security

    With so much emphasis these days on flashy cloud applications, many of us tend to forget that the platforms on which XaaS offerings execute must continue to rely - obviously - on the usual combination of hardware and software.

  • Dress for Tech Success

    If you were creating a time capsule of business books, I'd vote to include Dress for Success, by John T. Molloy.

  • Reinventing Security Awareness

    The late David Ogilvy - perhaps the greatest advertising genius of our time - included a chapter in his landmark book, Ogilvy on Advertising, on the use of video to influence human behavior.

  • Dashboard Cyber Alignment

    A major challenge for the modern CISO involves trying to communicate cyber security issues upstairs to the C-suite and Board.

  • Lose the Security Wheel

    Know, prevent, detect, respond, recover. This aspirational model of cyber security is as ubiquitous in our industry as the colorful wheels used to depict the concept.

  • Revitalized NAC

    As long as enterprise organizations try to maintain private networks, the challenge of determining which devices are considered safe for entry will remain.