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HCL Technologies - Bridging the Digital Disconnect - Modernizing Infrastructures to Deliver a Cohesive Customer Experience

Companies are under mounting pressure to deliver digital customer experiences that are fast, easy, effective, safe, and secure at each level of every interaction. The simple truth is that many organizations are unable to meet those demands. In many instances, they lack the orchestration and vision to execute their own digital roadmaps. In other cases, they lack the modernized infrastructure, software, and operating systems required to fulfill increasingly common expectations from customers who have grown accustomed to rich, multi-functional digital experiences across a wide variety of devices and channels. However, elegant customer experiences are possible when companies connect the dots and remodel back-end processes and supporting systems in parallel with digital and physical customer interfaces. In this white paper from HCL Technologies and HMG Strategy, you’ll discover the characteristics of success among digital transformation leaders along with recommendations for delivering exceptional digital customer experiences.

Attribution: HCL

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Adobe: Digital Transformation: At the Intersection of Strategy and Technology

Tight collaboration between the CIO and line-of-business partners can identify business processes that can be enhanced by technology and deliver differentiated customer and employee experiences that accelerate business outcomes.

Attribution: HMG Strategy Adobe

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Customer Innovations: Customer Experience: Beyond Better Sameness

We're more than ten years into the "Experience Economy" and, over that time, there's been an explosion of focus on creating and improving customer experiences. Even in the midst of our recently challenging economic environment, it's hard to find a company that isn't either actively involved in or planning some form of experience-related investments. Now, as the economy strengthens, we're observing an increasing level of interest in getting closer to customers.

Attribution: Frank Capek - Customer Innovations

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Exelon: A Client Framework Can Improve Organizational Effectiveness

There are frameworks behind the scenes of our computer screens that enable applications, security and integration of functionality in the technology we use to run our business and support our clients. They make using a computer a better experience. Enabling frameworks are just as valuable on the people side of business, especially in the area of client engagement and can improve your organization's effectiveness in how clients interface with your organization.

Attribution: Exelon

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Customer Innovations: The Collaborative Innovation Lab

Engaging Customers in Successful Product and Service Innovation. Companies must transform the way they innovate if they want to create breakthrough products and services while overcoming common challenges that lead to failure.

Attribution: Frank Capek - Customer Innovations

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