• Soon, BYOD Will Include Cars

    As we all know, the modern car is rapidly evolving into a powerful computer on wheels. Fairly soon, your connected car will be just another digital device.

  • Creating Value Through Test Labs and Sandboxes

    One of the benefits of forging close partnerships with start-ups and other technology allies are the lessons they offer in approaching innovation and business. Start-ups, in particular, are working off a clean slate and have fresh perspectives when it comes to creating imaginative processes and novel approaches to innovation.

  • Capturing Insights for Disruptive Innovation

    Some of the most successful examples of disruptive innovation involve companies that identified unmet and, in some cases, unimagined customer needs. In other cases, the genesis for disruption was borne out of necessity.

  • Driving Incremental Innovation

    In the modern enterprise, there are multiple classes of innovation that can emerge based on a company's objectives and the approaches used. Whether it's experiential, sustaining, product, service, process, channel, or other types of innovation, there are numerous avenues companies can explore to drive improvements in the customer experience and in other areas of the business.

  • Fostering Open Innovation to Drive New Growth Opportunities

    Increasingly, companies are reaching outside of their traditional supply chains to collect additional sources for innovation, including customers, external designers and engineers, and other outside contributors. "Open innovation" includes both internal and external ideas as well as internal and external paths to market.

  • Fresh Approaches to Kickstarting Innovation

    Innovation is no longer an option for companies. Global competition is fierce across all industries. New market entrants and existing players are continually introducing new business models and methods for serving customers that are forcing company leaders to identify and act on new opportunities for improvement and brand differentiation.

  • Combating the Threats to Innovation

    Innovation can come in many forms. In some instances, companies are able to create new business models by applying inventive thinking. In other cases, organizational teams can drive innovation through vehicles such as new product development, business process optimization, and customer experience.

  • Unleashing Disruptive Innovation

    Your company doesn't need to be an Apple or an Uber or an Airbnb to grab disruption by the horns. CIOs for companies in industries ranging from financial services to manufacturing to pharmaceuticals can enable their organizations to leverage existing and emerging technologies and spearhead innovation that delivers new forms of value to customers and shareholders.

  • The CIO as Chief (Disruptive) Innovation Officer

    Successful CIOs have learned to align IT with business strategy. The same holds true for innovation. Top CIOs pay close attention to how the business defines innovation and then align IT to strategy to match those definitions.