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Join Us Now One of the hottest topics that we’ve been talking with CIOs and business technology leaders about is, of course, the use of GenAI. The discussions have centered on ways to leverage GenAI to drive productivity, to help identify new business models and Go-to-Market business models and to develop personalized and intuitive customer […]

Join Us Now Amazon reported record first-quarter sales late last month, fueled by AI-powered growth in its AWS cloud computing unit which soared 17% to roughly $25 billion. AWS is a major profit center for Amazon, where the division’s operating profit rose nearly 84%, according to The Wall Street Journal. Amazon CEO Andy Jassy says […]

Join Us Now Everyone is talking about GenAI. Not just CIOs and business tech leaders. The CEO and the Board want to know what the company is doing to push the needle with GenAI, whether it’s to boost productivity, identify new business models, better understand and respond to customer sentiment and behavior and/or to utilize […]

Join Us Now At HMG Strategy, we are constantly looking for new ways to connect CIOs, Chief Digital Officers, CISOs and business technology executives. To this end, we recently launched a new vehicle via LinkedIn Live called The HMG Global Viewpoint where HMG Founder and CEO Hunter Muller interviews rockstar CIOs, CISOs, Chief Digital Officers, […]

Join Us Now One of the hot topics of discussion at our 17th Annual New York CIO Summit of America is how a growing number of CISOs are applying for personal liability insurance beyond D&O or Directors & Officers insurance coverage. New regulations from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now place personal responsibility for […]

Join Us Now At HMG Strategy, we speak daily with CIOs, CISOs and business technology executives about the topics that matter most to them. We dig in to better understand the challenges that business tech leaders face as members of the C-suite and in working with the Board to execute on organizational strategy. Our focus […]

Join Us Now Fresh off its GPU Technology Conference, Nvidia made a series of announcements that position it to increase its already sizable market share in the GPU space and to expand further into the data center industry. At its GTC conference, Nvidia Founder and CEO Jensen Huang unveiled the company’s Blackwell processor. The company […]

Join Us Now As companies continue to gain further experience in using generative AI throughout their organizations, in some cases, CIOs are responsible for driving these efforts. But a growing number of organizations are appointing Chief AI Officers to orchestrate these strategies. In September 2023, Florin Rotar was named Chief AI Officer at Avanade where […]

Join Us Now Businesses operate in a global economy. And while there has recently been a trend towards nationalism, global business experience is a valuable asset for any business technology leader to succeed in today’s turbulent economy. HMG Strategy Founder and CEO Hunter Muller recently conducted an HMG Spotlight interview with Max Chan, CIO at […]

Join Us Now As members of the C-suite, CIOs and business technology leaders have a lot of demands on their time. Time, arguably, is the most precious resource for any business tech leader or member of the C-suite. In addition to `keeping the lights on’, they are working with the CEO and the senior leadership […]

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