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C-Level Technology Executive Leadership Summits – Where Legends are made.
HMG’s CIO and CISO Summits are peer-to-peer events where world-class technology executives share best practices for tackling complex business and organizational challenges.
HMG’s Peer-to-Peer Advisory Services – Your Community Awaits
Join the world’s top peer-driven advisory service for actionable advice.
Innovation Accelerator Series – Unlocking Tomorrow’s Success
C-Suite executives prioritize working with the CEO and executive team to drive innovation and business growth. This panel series showcases Founders and CEOs from leading technology companies.
HMG’s Global Leadership Institute Awards – Elevate your Career
The 2024 Global Leadership Institute Awards recognize those who have reimagined and reinvented themselves to place their organizations on the fast track to groundbreaking transformation in dynamic times.
HMG Ventures
Connect with innovative companies and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv through HMG Strategy’s venture capital unit. Let us accelerate your business growth.
C-Level Panels
HMG Strategy’s C-Level Panels give you an opportunity to get an exclusive look into
early-stage companies.
HMG Cares
HMG Strategy is committed to giving back to the community and encouraging our employees to devote themselves to noble causes and by regularly partnering with non-profit organizations.
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Advisory Services

HMG Is the World’s Only “No-Analyst” Advisory Service Driven By Insights Derived By A Peer-To-Peer Network Of Industry Luminaries.

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Become a sponsor of the Tech Industry’s number 1 trusted C-level Tech leadership network

Global Leadership Awards

Nominate a peer, colleague or friend who deserves recognition for their leadership in IT, security, executive search and more.


CIO Leadership: HMG Strategy’s Extraordinarily

In the fifth of its continuing series of HMG Live! Virtual CIO and CISO Summits, HMG Strategy is thrilled..

Adobe: Digital Transformation: At the Intersection of Strategy and Technology

Read our white paper in partnership with Adobe…

HMG Strategy’s Pivotal Vision Research…

We live and work in unprecedented times. Never before have the pace and magnitude..

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advisory services


HMG Is The World’s Only “No-Analyst” Advisory Service Driven By Insights Derived By A Peer-To-Peer Network Of Industry Luminaries. Our Industry Leading Service Solves Some Of The Most Complex IT Problems Both Through Our In-Person Events And Our Digital Platform.

HMG Ventures

We’ve launched a venture capital unit to help connect CIOs and technology executives with the most innovative new companies and entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv, Israel. 

If you’re running an amazing startup with high potential – or if you know someone with a great product or service that’s ready for prime time – we want to talk to you. Let HMG Strategy serve as an accelerator for your business.

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Executive Leadership Summits

Our CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Summits are peer-to-peer events where world-class technology executives share best practices for tackling complex business and organizational challenges.


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  • “Hunter and the HMG Strategy team confirm that now is unquestionably the best time to be a technology leader. HMG Summits highlight the responsibilities and opportunities we have as pioneers guiding the next amazing cycle of innovation on a global scale.”

    Eric Yuan

  • “HMG Strategy provides a looking glass view into the future state of technology and its global impact. Every tech leader needs to be inclusive in thought leadership and HMG Strategy provides the necessary, diverse viewpoints.”

    Patty Hatter

  • “Hunter Muller has been at the nexus of digital transformation’s effect on enterprise IT for the past decade. The whole HMG Strategy team offers a pitch-perfect analysis of current state and our potential future.”

    Wendy Pfeiffer

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