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  • HMG Tech News Digest December 13

    Learn all about Facebook's latest push back to encryption capabilities, Delta's latest investment, and the strengths of tech regarding LinkedIn Jobs.

  • Why Are Leaders Successful? – Leadership Maturity

    All adults grow up, some more quickly than others, and the endpoints are often different. It is important to understand where someone is on their maturity journey, as it is an effective predictor of their effectiveness in the workplace.

  • HMG Tech News Digest December 6

    Learn about a new lending app by Samsung, new battery cells for EVs, and how malicious hackers are targeting local governments.

  • Unsupervised Learning for Cyber

    Supervised learning requires humans. But this is not the only way for machines to learn. Algorithms can also differentiate objects in an unsupervised way, without need for humans. In simple examples of unsupervised learning, observed objects are clustered based on features.

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