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  • Tech Leaders Play Vital Role in Defining the Future of Work

    Two years into the pandemic, the U.S. economy remains fundamentally strong. When the history of this turbulent period is written, my hunch is that technology will be credited for keeping us going, despite the risks and obstacles confronting us. It’s clear that several sectors of the economy have benefited from the accelerated pace of digital transformation spurred by Covid-19. The unexpectedly rapid transformation drove a cultural shift that may prove irreversible.

  • A Wild Ride for Markets: How Soon Will Tech Stocks Rebound?

    2022 got off to a bumpy start, with markets reacting to a potpourri of unsettling news. Depending on your outlook, we’re either at the beginning of a wild and ultimately profitable roller coaster ride or a long slide down. It’s hard to tell at this moment.

  • HMG Strategy Market Update and Tech News Digest

    Markets trended down following a weaker-than-expected December jobs report. It's the end of an era for a mobile giant. Apple cracks the $3T valuation threshold - and much more in the latest HMG Strategy Market Update and Tech News Digest.

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