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  • Today’s Successful Tech Leaders Embody the Pioneering Spirit of Great Inventors

    If you needed more data points to prove that Tesla is winning hearts and minds in the automotive market, I recommend reading Al Root’s Sunday article in Barron’s.  “Tesla’s ‘beta button’ has arrived. Tesla owners can now request the most sophisticated version of Tesla’s autonomous driving software, dubbed Full Self Driving or FSD, with the press of a finger. The button went live on Friday. It’s just the next feature that the company likely hopes will keep drivers flocking to Tesla’s cars,” he writes. “Next, Tesla will hold its 2021 annual meeting at the company’s new Gigafactory in Austin, Texas on October 7 at 5:30 p.m. eastern time. The choice of venue is telling. It’s Tesla’s second large U.S. manufacturing facility and the one that will be producing the Cybertruck early in 2022.”

  • HMG Strategy Market Update and Tech News Digest

    Another Choppy Week as Economic Uncertainty Remains a Significant Factor, Google Expands NYC Presence with $2.1 Billion Buy, Facebook CTO Stepping Down and more in this week's Tech News Digest.

  • Are You Dialed Into HMG Strategy?

    When I founded HMG Strategy in 2008, I had high hopes for our new and innovative business model, which rejected the traditional analyst-driven thought leadership formula and replaced it with a remarkably disruptive and incredibly valuable model based on peer-to-peer networking, in-depth research and a laser-sharp focus on career acceleration.  I’m proud and delighted to report that my hopes have been exceeded! Today, HMG Strategy is the global super-connector for modern technology leaders. We are the world's leading digital platform for connecting technology executives to reimagine, reinvent, disrupt and innovate across the business world. The HMG Strategy global network includes more than 400,000 CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, CDOs, senior business technology executives, search industry executives, venture capitalists, industry experts and world-class thought leaders.

  • HMG Strategy Market Update and Tech News Digest

    Reimaging and Reinventing Global Business Through Innovative Technology Leadership, Intel May Invest $80 Billion Euros to Accelerate Chip Manufacturing, Robinhood Makes it Easier to Accumulate Crypto, and more in this week's Tech News Digest

Using HMG Strategy Digital Events and Executive Leadership Summits to Accelerate Your Career Ascent

Stephen M.R. Covey and HMG Strategy Announce a Strategic Partnership, Delivering World-Class Insights in Accelerating the Speed of Trust, Leadership, Reinvention and Innovation

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