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  • Leading the Strategic Security Organization

    As CEOs and Boards of Directors are becoming increasingly attuned to the need to invest in and apply adequate resources to information security, the role of the CISO also continues to become more strategic.

  • HMG Tech News Digest April 12

    Trending News on Google Ramping Up Revenue From Maps, Jamie Dimon Focusing on Cyber Sec, Apple Breaking iTunes into 3 Separate Parts, and Black Hole Image Conquering the Internet

  • Embedded IoT Cyber Solutions: An Interview with Bill Diotte of Mocana

    Internet of Things. One can’t help but imagine the discussion where such an awkward moniker emerged as the winning entry: Internet of Devices? (Too specific). Internet of Systems? (Too general). Internet of Embedded Components? (No way). The logic of this progression led to the wildcard compromise: Things. And such a naming challenge is a useful hint that identifying security solutions for IoT is similarly difficult.

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