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Bud McQuade
Vice President of Information Technology

Bud McQuade is Duracell’s Vice President of Information Technology. Bud joined Duracell’s transition team in July 2015, prior to the divestiture from Proctor & Gamble (P&G), to build the IT team in Chicago. As the leader of the global IT team, Bud developed Duracell’s IT vision and strategy to match Duracell’s new business model under the Berkshire Hathaway company portfolio.

Before joining Duracell, Bud served as Tellabs’ (Coriant) Vice President of Information Technology. Bud’s leadership was vital to the successful merger of Tellabs and Coriant Gmbh in 2014 under the private ownership of Marlin Equity Partners.

Previously, Bud was the Global Director of Infrastructure for Ipsos, a global market research company. He was responsible for the IT infrastructure in 90+ countries, all data collection platforms, information security, and IT procurement services, with a core focus on standardization, strategic investments and customer satisfaction.

Bud spent five years at Argo Group International, a global property and casualty insurance company, as Division CIO before being promoted to Chief Infrastructure Officer. He was responsible for transforming Argo Group’s infrastructure team into a shared services model to meet the needs of the company\’s diverse business units. 

As a founding employee, and during his 11 years at CarMax, Bud established the strategic direction, architecture and operational practices of various information technology teams. During that time, CarMax grew from a single store location in Richmond, VA into a Fortune 500 company.

Bud holds a B.A. from Providence College.

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