Chief Information Officer, Novares Group (former), a top 10 automotive plastics supplier with 44 plants plus 17 skill and technical centers in 23 countries. Lead Novares’ strategic technology advancement including a strong focus on cyber security and digital solutions. Prior to this role at Novares, spent several years with Ford Motor Company and Visteon in IT, engineering and operations and is a “car girl” at heart. Graduate and Partner Engagement Lead for the University of Michigan, leading several joint MCWT/UM activities focused on engaging students with opportunities in technology. Go Blue! Governing body member of the Detroit CIO community and Chief Mission Officer for the Michigan Council of Women in Technology (MCWT) encouraging and mentoring girls in information technology. Known for a passion for helping others and recognized for team building and leadership centered on ethics, integrity, value of diversity and respect for others. 
Darlene Taylor
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Superior Industries