Dr. Richard Schroth is a pioneer/interpreter at the intersection of business strategy and technology advancement. Honored as one of the Top 25 Consultants in the World by Consulting Magazine, Dr. Schroth is the current U.S. Senior Fulbright Scholar in Information Sciences, the Executive Scholar in Residence at Johns Hopkins University, and is a member of the National Cyber Security Council. Author of Random House’s best selling ethics book, “How Companies Lie”, Richard has been named as one of the Top CTO’s in the country for the over 10 years and has been recently the Senior Advisor to the World Bank and to the Chairman Pfizer. Richard has held significant executive roles in corporate America including the first Chief Technology Officer for the Marriott Corporation, Executive Vice President of Computer Sciences Corporation and Chief Technology Officer for Ross Perot and Perot Systems (Dell Consulting Services). Dr. Schroth is currently a Distinguished Professor of Business at the University of Ireland and a past visiting Fellow at Wharton and Duke. Rich’s consulting work takes him around the globe in capacities of advisor, speaker, strategy consultant, and as an independent reviewer and challenger of critical corporate innovation and strategic projects, helping to illuminate context, judgment, complexity, and future possibilities.

Dr. Richard Schroth
Chairman & CEO
Executive Insights, Ltd.