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Eli Potter
Vice President, Data and Systems
Insight Partners

Eli Potter is a product and technology executive with a history of building enterprise capabilities that transform technology into critical business value. She has exceptional talent for breaking down complex business problems and making order out of chaos. She leads teams to innovate and scale, while charting long-term strategy horizons.


Eli brings a wealth of experience working across many functional areas including B2B, B2C, finance, customer experience, marketing, data, crypto, entrepreneurship and innovation. She is a thought leader who is sought after by organizations to challenge the status quo, connect people with ideas and accelerate growth.


Eli champions a strong focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Her leadership style is one that creates an empowered, highly engaged workforce with the skills needed to succeed in this era of exponential data and technology growth.


Eli has served as a Sr. Director of Enterprise Applications and Architecture at Coinbase scaling platforms for rapid crypto adoption. As a Sr. Director of Data Platform Engineering at Autodesk she fundamentally changed the product and engineering culture. As VP of Managed Services Product & Technology at Service Source she served on the Salesforce Service Cloud Advisory board, innovating with telephony in the cloud.


Since 2017, Eli has been volunteering at Carnegie Mellon University to teach graduate students about crypto, AI, innovation, entrepreneurship and technology. She is passionate about growing the next generation of STEM leaders and has helped startups with product-market-fit through her work with SignalFire. While at Coinbase, she served as the Executive Sponsor for the Women’s ERG and has presented to many conferences on technology, leadership and human centric design.


Eli holds an MS degree from Carnegie Mellon, BS degree from Sonoma State University and has completed Y Combinator’s Startup school.

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