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Jason Birnbaum
United Airlines, Inc.

I love transforming businesses and industries with great products and technology. I am a partner, a builder and a leader. Over the past 25 years, I\’ve had the chance to work in multiple industries, countries and companies. One consistent lesson that I have learned is that the more you engage your customers and employees in the transformation the better the outcomes.

While many of our products have won industry and other awards there is no better success than seeing the impact of the change in the daily lives of customers and teammates. The formula for success isn\’t a big secret. It’s about spending time to understand the problems and building compelling solutions that are high quality and have intuitive designs. Regarding digital transformation, the Peter Drucker quote, “Culture eats strategy for lunch” has never been truer. Building a culture that never stops experimenting, constantly learns new and better ways to solve problems and fails fast is critical to be successful.

From that understanding, you can identify opportunities to redefine your industry, marketplace and customer experience. By focusing on these outcomes for the business and its customers, Digital Leaders/ CIOs/ CDOs must lead from the front. This is what I have found it takes to drive change.

I have had the opportunity (the pleasure) of helping many businesses set their technology direction and have driven the necessary technology transformation required for success.

I couldn\’t have a better job!

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