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Joe Talik
Digital Transformation Advisor

Joe is a firm believer in the art of what’s possible – he is an innovative global technology executive and trusted advisor with solid expertise in global digital and IT transformation space while being adept at embracing visionary strategies and rapidly identifying pivotal emerging technologies. Joe is a strategic leader with abilities in uncovering innovative solutions, articulating business value to C-level executives, and aligning global teams to deliver solutions. 

Joe’s management career is hallmarked by exceptional leadership, relationship building, creative thinking outside of the box and an ability to assemble diverse company-wide resources to deliver on commitments. He thrives on the opportunity to tackle business challenges by assembling and leading ambitious teams and leveraging his years of experience in technology and business to make great things happen. 

Joe has contributed to companies by saving troubled accounts, leading critical business and technology initiatives, delivering revenue improvements, collaborating with clients and external partners, and much more.  He brings a rich blend of technology and business experience coupled with outstanding staff leadership acquired through the corporate and military worlds. 

Making things happen is the name of Joe’s game, realizing significant cost savings is his strength, putting troubled initiatives back on track is his reputation, and resolving complex business problems is his passion. 

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