Lilian has an impressive career as the CISO and VP of IT Infrastructure at 360insights, where she provides strategic leadership to deliver innovative and secure technology solutions. It\’s also inspiring to know that she has a passion for helping women in STEM programs and leads the women360 community at 360insights.

Prior to joining 360insights, Lilian worked in the electronic medical records industry, where she helped companies grow to meet the growing demand for technology and security in the healthcare industry.

In addition to her work in technology, Lilian has a passion for helping women in STEM programs including her leadership role with the women360 community at 360insights, mentoring and growing women within the company.

Outside of work, Lilian enjoys spending time with her family in Durham Region with her husband and 2 kids.  She enjoys jig saw puzzles, playing basketball with her son and listening to music with a good beat.    

Lilian Seidaros
CISO & Vice President, IT Infrastructure