As Chief Marketing Officer, Murali is responsible for helping enterprises understand and apply the power of Generative AI into their most critical business applications. At Aisera, his mission is to educate and inform industries to achieve a self-service model, where customers and employees are able to find answers and fulfill their wishes with minimal human intervention. Murali’s extensive background working with disruptive technologies and high-growth startups has offered him a window into scaling businesses and driving mass market adoption of innovative platforms. Prior to Aisera, Murali helped develop the AIOps market at ScienceLogic, leading the company to a 5x ARR growth during his tenure and being recognized as a 2x Forrester WAVE leader. Murali is a Cisco-alum leading global marketing efforts for their multi-billion-dollar video and mobility portfolios. Murali also served as a recurring guest lecturer at Stanford Business School sharing case studies from his personal work experience to 2nd year MBA students on the adoption of disruptive technologies.

Murali Nemani