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Nishant Bhajaria
Director of Privacy Engineering, Architecture and Analytics

Nishant is an executive in the security, privacy, and compliance space, and he\’s built teams and programs to help achieve these goals. He typically serves as a vital link between legal, engineering, and C-level leadership to ensure that a company\’s products help protect user data and secure customer trust. Prior to his current role— Global Head of Privacy Engineering and Analytics at Uber—he led Trust and Security teams at Google. In addition, he\’s served as the head of privacy engineering at Netflix. He is an instructor on LinkedIn for security, privacy, career development and inclusivity in technology. Nishant is also the author of the recently-released book \”Data Privacy: a runbook for engineers\”

Nishant holds a BS in computer science from Truman State University and an MS in computer science from Arizona State University. 

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