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Pavel Islam
SVP IT Solutions
SBM Management Services LP

Three things come to everyone’s mind about Pavel Islam, who knows him either professionally or personally, ‘innovation’, ‘big picture’, and ‘quality’. A high energy, fiscally and financially astute, and goal driven technology executive, Pavel tackles each new business challenge with his exuberant appetite for innovation, creative problem-solving, and calculated risk-taking to drive continuous process improvement and maximize return on investments.

Pavel, in his previous roles, has worked for IBM, HP, AT&T, Level 3 Communications, Best Western, etc. and lead many large global projects in various sectors that helped improve the quality of life, enhanced customer experience, digitally transformed business and technology, improved process efficiency and effectiveness, reduced cost and, increased revenue and growth for the organizations. In his former role as VP of IT Portfolio/Business Technology Services at the City of Dallas, Pavel continued to excel in his efforts to positively change the culture in the IT Department, as well as in other departments, to bring in innovation, efficiency, effectiveness, resilience and quality in the services that are provided to the rest of the City departments to serve the citizens of Dallas. In this very short amount time at the City of Dallas, Pavel was able to increase quality of service by 30%, increased productivity by 20% , reduced yearly operational cost by $5 mil. He actively led efforts towards technology transformation for the City to enable citizens to experience high quality service through automation, digital footprints, analytics, engagements, and various growth programs. He is trusted advisor to his teams, peers, the CIO and the business partners.

Pavel currently resides in Oakland, California with his wife and daughter. He enjoys spending a lot of quality time with the family and friends, enjoys good food and drinks, watching sports, various outdoor activities, and going to concerts. While keeping up with personal and professional demands, Pavel often curves out a little time to sing, compose, play piano, guitar and drums to maintain a good work life balance.        

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