As a lawyer for more than 25 years, Peter combines his technical and business background with his legal expertise to help companies with IT, Cyber intrusion, and Internet litigation, dispute resolution, and contract negotiation. Peter has been involved with the IT industry, Internet, and electronic data for his entire career. Prior to practicing law he worked as a mainframe programmer, systems analyst, and management consultant for companies acquiring IT and related services, and received a Masters’ in Computer Science.

Peter has clients in healthcare, international manufacturing, state & local government, utilities, blockchain, and eCommerce who often seek his advice about practical business issues relating to IT and the Internet, which often include cyber intrusions, colo sites, cloud solutions, ERP implementation projects, website business management, outsourcing, software patents, copyrights, and trade secret protection. Because he is a seasoned IT professional with an accounting and marketing background, Peter also often advises clients about financial and marketing issues regarding IT and the Internet. His experience as an Adjunct Professor in the Law of eCommerce keeps him current on the fast moving evolution of the cyber intrusions and the Internet. He writes a legal column for, and is often quoted in the media about Internet issues and crises. Peter’s blog on the Internet, IT, and eDiscovery is widely recognized for timely topics and thought-provoking ideas:

Peter guides clients through the legal, technology and business mazes of electronic evidence, cyber security & insurance, intellectual property, contracts, government regulation, and litigation. He assists many clients with ESI (Electronically Stored Information) issues and related creation, development and implementation of records retention policies.

Because of his unique background and knowledge, Peter is often appointed as a Special Master to assist Courts throughout the US with eDiscovery & ESI, Internet, eCommerce, Intellectual Property, and IT matters. Peter is a Co-Founder of the American College of e-Neutrals and a Board Member and Fellow of the Academy of Court Appointed Masters. The Judges in the US District Court for the Western District of Pennsylvania appointed Peter to the E-Discovery Special Master Panel. He also serves as a court ordered Mediator in eDiscovery & ESI, Internet, eCommerce, intellectual property, and computer technology litigation. For more than 30 years Peter has served as an Arbitrator for technology disputes and serves on the Board of Directors and is a TechList Member of the Silicon Valley Arbitration & Mediation Center.

Peter has also devoted a substantial amount of time and energy serving government agencies and non-profit organizations by addressing their computer, Social Media, and Internet issues. Peter served as Founding Chair for 12 years of the TEXAS SUPREME COURT Judicial Committee on Information Technology whose mission is to put Internet on the desktops of all 3,200 judges in Texas and implement state eFiling (

In 1994 Peter was President of the DALLAS BAR ASSOCIATION and also served on the Board of Directors of the STATE BAR OF TEXAS, where he served as Founding Chair of the Computer & Technology Section. Peter teaches courses on eDiscovery and the Law of eCommerce as an Adjunct Professor at the SMU DEDMAN LAW SCHOOL, and is on the founding Board of Advisors of the SMU Computer Law Review and Technology Journal.

The STATE BAR OF TEXAS gave Peter the Gene Cavin Award for Excellence in Continuing Legal Education in 2013, and a Lifetime Achievement Award for Promoting Technology in the Law in 2004. In addition, Peter is regularly recognized as one of America’s Leading Business Lawyers in CHAMBERS, a Best Lawyer in America, a Top Lawyer in Dallas, and a Texas Super Lawyer.

Peter Vogel
Attorney & Counselor at Law
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