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Rama joined Corning in 2001. Since joining Corning Rama has been instrumental in leading global initiatives, establishing worldwide processes, successfully executing large-scale, multi-location programs, and leveraging talent in emerging regions to meet Corning strategic objectives. As a  key member of Corning M&A team got several successful M&A’s under his belt from due-diligence to integration. He managed several important roles for Corning IT -PMO, Enterprise Architecture, ERP etc.. He is playing leadership role in Digital Transformation, and implementing technologies to improve customer experience. He is part of  leadership team for business and IT. 

Rama earned Master in engineering from IIT Bombay. He is Board of Advisor for NCTECH. He resides in Charlotte, NC, with his wife and two children.

Rama Kandala
CIO – Optical Communications, Life Science
Corning International

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