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Rizwan Akhtar
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
Anywhere Real Estate Inc.

Rizwan joined Cartus in the summer of 2018 taking on the role of Senior Vice President of IT with enthusiasm and a keen eye on the future of technology at Cartus. Rizwan was CEO Katrina Helmkamp’s first senior executive hire after she took the reins of Cartus in late spring of 2018.

Before coming to Cartus Rizwan worked as a senior IT Executive for 20+ years with broad and diverse experiences in business focused IT leadership, with 8+ years in Financial Services. Rizwan brings deep technology and business domain expertise in Retail, Business Banking, Commercial Banking, and Digital Banking functions to Cartus.

With extensive leadership experience in creating and supporting business strategies that enable growth and transformation and a solid track record in leading the delivery of large-scale, mission critical complex enterprise initiatives, Rizwan will lead the technology department at Cartus into a new phase.

An accomplished wildlife and nature photographer who also happens to speak 8 languages Rizwan is a most passionate about the track days he spends driving very fast cars. You can find him behind the wheel of some of the world’s most awe inspiring super cars. He has a goal to lap a Bugatti so if anyone has a spare Veyron he could borrow and take to Imola for the weekend he can be reached at extension 8885.

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