As an Information Technology Executive, I work closely with clients and partners to develop comprehensive strategic plans that anticipate future challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. I empower organizations to transform and thrive in the modern digital landscape through careful analysis and proactive adaptation.

Throughout my career, I have witnessed some major transformations in the industry. From the days of client/server and emergence of the world wide web to today’s virtual data centers and AI, I have experienced first-hand the critical role technology plays in ensuring business continuity.

My background includes executive leadership roles where I\’ve worked closely with my teams to help them understand how technology transforms and touches every aspect of the business.

With this experience, I am able to work closely with my customers because I recognize all businesses face similar challenges, from growth and risk mitigation to taking care of their people and satisfying customer needs.

I am a trusted advisor to clients, ensuring their unique needs are met with customized, effective solutions, and I take pride in guiding my team to deliver maximum value to our clients.

Today, I remain at the forefront of innovation, guiding clients through the ever-evolving landscape of machine learning, AI, and virtual data centers that have become the hallmarks of digital business.

Robert Field
Former VP of Global Information Technology and Digital Solutions