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Robin Austin
Colliers Group
As a CTO/CISO, Robin is responsible for overseeing all innovation strategy of the company including Digital Transformation, Cyber Security, Risk and Compliance. Using an active and practical approach, Robin oversees employees in Security, Data Management and Automation including the Customer Experience to attain the company’s strategic goals established in the company’s Security, Digital and Automation Strategic Plan. Robin has also built several successful technology service offerings like Cyber Defense Resources providing additional lines of revenue for the company. As a Board CTO/CISO for Real Estate, Energy and Finance, C-Suite Executives from every revenue size including Large, Mid-market and Start-up companies look to Robin for her critical thinking, digital automation, risk analysis and safety and security advice. Robin has over 35 years in technology and 17 in cyber security focusing on revolutionary, disruptive and possible additional revenue solutions. She has created Cyber Security Governance Frameworks for C-Level Leaders, Board Members and Investors for data protection and to maintain relevance and reputation protection throughout the supply chain. Robin has steered various Fortune 1000 companies in an effort to shift their internal processes, digital automation, IT and security structure to become more efficient and profitable while still maintaining protection and operational excellence. This strategic pattern leads to an enhanced secure cloud infrastructure as well as an increase in exceptional value and profitability – a very nice position for companies to be in when needing to quantify a value-add for technology and compliance expenditures or to offset costs versus profitability at shareholder meetings. Author and Speaker As a creative author, technical subject matter writer and a credentialed journalist Robin has many published articles, white papers and books to her credit. The Truth Will Out series is focused on exposing scam artists and advising on fraud protection and recovery. In addition, Robin has provided her finance, technology and security knowledge and expertise as an analyst or speaker to various professional organizations, industry leaders and think tanks.

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