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Sally Grant
Vice President

Sally Kenyon Grant is Vice President of Federal Affairs at Lucd AI working on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity for the U.S. Department of Defense and the Intelligence Communities.  Ms. Grant’s dynamic leadership incorporates threat analysis with innovative capabilities to counter Adversarial AI and nation-state disinformation narratives.  Due to real-time alerts and automated reporting, C2 decision-making is delivered at tactical levels for mission targets. 

 In addition to defending National Security, Ms. Grant leads C-Suite business executives across critical infrastructure industry with sophisticated Machine Learning capabilities to deliver advanced data analytics for anomalous activity, production acceleration and improving revenue margins.  Business leaders need Advanced AI systems for high-stakes decision-making processes with ease of use, adoption and rapid deployment.  The digital data revolution is transforming business economics by gathering and modeling real-time asset intelligence armed with actionable predictive analytics specifically for corporate finance fraud detection and AML.

 Ms. Grant collaborates with government and business leaders to envision the convergence of big data and AI powered by Machine Learning delivering actionable insights for revenue generating application and delivery.

 Supporting pillars of leadership with high standards, it is important to note Ms. Grant’s work includes Federal government best practices and shared services, ease of delivery and deployment with exceptional support for teaching and training including a profound level of security standards.  Sally Kenyon Grant is accelerating the transformation of data and harnessing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools with exceptional values, ethics, and human rights for National Security.

 As background, Ms. Grant was formerly at Semantic AI, an enterprise intelligence platform for government and business, and Point3 Security, a premier cybersecurity company whose leadership served with the National Security Agency and U.S. Cyber Command.  Her career in Washington, D.C. has focused on creating National Security policy and advocating for AI Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity analytics advancement. Ms. Grant served as Director of Cybersecurity at Comtech Telecommunications Corp. and was a senior Congressional and White House Liaison for the Maryland Department of Commerce serving with Governor O’Malley’s CyberMaryland Leadership Team under General Mike Haye’s Military Affairs Team.  Ms. Grant’s government relations career expands over 25 years, serving in both the Obama and Clinton White House, Congresswoman Claudine Schneider’s Washington Office, and with the IT and Cybersecurity firm, The Ventura Group with Col. Mike Sierra including a position with Cassidy & Associates under the leadership of General P.X. Kelley. 

 Currently, Sally Kenyon Grant is leading data science leadership initiatives in Washington, D.C. for empowering women in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Cybersecurity

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