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Subrata Mukherjee is a seasoned digital leader based in New York City with nearly 25 years’ experience advocating large scale business transformation initiatives standing at the crossroads of Technology, Marketing and Customer delight. He has helped S&P evolve their ratings process, conceived and led The Economist\’s Digital transformation, disrupted commercial real estate with innovative new solution and now presently disrupting publishing with innovative learning solutions. He is now the VP of Product management and Head of Digital innovation for the iconic Dummies brand.

He is an MBA in Marketing from Jadavpur university in India and MS in Tech Management from Columbia University. He is a guest blogger on on innovation, disruption and transformation. He has spoken at 30+ conferences in US / Europe / South America as keynote speaker, presenter and panelist. He has been interviewed by renowned British outlets for his transformation efforts at The Economist and was Folio\’s 2016 Top 100 people in Publishing. 

Subrata Mukherjee
Director of Hyperautomation

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