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Tunde Oni-Daniel is the Head of Technology Operations and Engineering at OneMain Financial where he balances the company’s business demands with the technical delivery and means to secure data in a highly-regulated industry. With 23 years of security experience across industries, he has deep expertise in building business-driven security programs.

Tunde is skilled in developing security architectures, privacy programs, process and enterprise risk management, audit and compliance programs, budgets and staff development. His background includes international business experience for Deutsche Bank, Pan African countries such as African Development Bank, Central Informatics Organization, Bahrain, Prognoz USA, for application security, cloud security, and enterprise risk compliance.

Enterprise Security Technology Operations and Leadership
Risk Management
IT Governance
Team Building
Business Continuity
Regulatory Compliance
Incident Response
Public Speaking
Budget Management

Tunde Oni-Daniel
Head of Technology Operations and Engineering
OneMain Financial

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