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kirsten-davies-104"As leaders in the field busy getting Job #1 done, many of us slip into the cadence of not attending most conferences unless we're on the speakers agenda. I am so glad I took a day out to attend the HMG Strategy CISO Summit...some of the best discussions I've had in years, top thought leaders on the stage, compelling and thought provoking exercises. I stayed for the whole day - and I never do that."

- Kirsten Davies, SVP & CISO, Estee Lauder

mignona-cote-104Attending the HMG CISO Summits present a fresh focus on information security – how to emerge as security leaders across the government and corporations."

- Mignona Cote, Senior Practices Leader, Amazon Web Services


David Smoley"Hunter and HMG identify the 'truths' in new business models and technology that continually face IT leaders."

- David Smoley, CIO, AstraZeneca

Sheila Jordan“HMG is an amazing network – and I really do mean that. It really is a network of trusted advisors that are going through similar things with similar experiences that I'm going through today, and it makes all the difference.”

- Sheila Jordan, SVP & CIO, Symantec

victor-fetter-104“What I value most is that Hunter and the HMG team are raising the level of the conversation. There are plenty of data points available in the market you can draw from. By comparison, the HMG team is onto something about crystallizing what needs to be discussed. For instance, we all know data and automation is important. But can you monetize data and draw strategic value from it? These are the types of conversations that HMG Strategy is driving with its members.”

- Victor Fetter, Chief Digital Officer, Vertiv Co

clif-triplett-104I have taken the opportunity to attend several HMG Strategy summits across different cities and found in each case that I have gained great value by obtaining unique perspectives from thought leaders, along with very insightful concepts that evolved in prominence based upon the city where the event is hosted. These events are tailored to the audience and it can be felt. I have also found the VIP dinners to be the best networking sessions yet. Hunter creates a fun, open and intimate event where you can feel the energy in the room and find yourself in a group of leaders who all want the same thing – to expand their personal networks and learn from successful IT leaders. Similar to the VIP dinners, the conference, which hosts many more participants, still manages to be intimate enough where you get an additional chance to sit down and engage in conversations on high-level issues. The HMG events bring to the local markets relevant discussions and provide a forum for local leaders to meet and share in a manner unlike other events that serve the market.”

- Clif Triplett, Former Senior Cybersecurity and IT Advisor, U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM)

Dave Revell“What I find with the value of HMG is it's a great forum to get together with other CIOs - in particular CIOs from industries that I would not normally connect with. They have a network both in Canada and also probably the broadest global network that I have yet seen. There's an opportunity to exchange ideas and great thought leadership.”

- Dave Revell, EVP of Technology and CIO, CIBC

stephen-spagnuolo-104"HMG Strategy is the premier peer-to-peer executive leadership and knowledge transfer platform serving the CIO/senior IT and now CISO/senior InfoSec communities, period.  Firstly, the talent quality, intellectual depth and diverse industry sector range of the panelists and keynotes is second to none; secondly, the Summit Agenda is all information sharing (not product placement), much of it cutting edge; and thirdly, and perhaps most importantly for sustaining a consistently high quality offering, Hunter Muller and the HMG team produce a truly best-in-class venue operation. As a former Marine infantry guy/operator, probably the best accolade I can put forward is that HMG’s execution prowess reminds me of a typically well executed Marine operation. Great things going on; a lot more to come..."

- Stephen Spagnuolo, Managing Director, Digital Security and Risk/Retained Search Practice Leader, Quantum Search Partners

Mark Polansky

"HMG thought leadership inspires CIOs to be transformational and drive innovation and business value."

- Mark Polansky, Sr. Partner, Technology Officers Practice, Korn Ferry

Chris Gates“The shift to customer-centricity is forefront, and is a major focus of my organization. HMG Strategy gets this, and brings the best thought leadership together to discuss, share and strategize best practices around the goals of the IT leader. I really appreciate being a part of the HMG network which helps me build relationships with the most successful IT leaders in world.”

- Chris Gates, CTO, Allstate

Lynn Brenton

"I thoroughly enjoyed the HMG summit. Every panel had great experience and insight to share with the attendees. I took something away from each session."

- Lynn Brenton, Director, EBS Practice, CSS International, Inc.

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