• Making Enterprise Mobile Apps More Workflow Focused

    Organizational leaders across industries are continuously looking for ways to deploy enterprise mobile apps that can improve employee productivity by enabling workers to get more work done efficiently wherever they may be - whether they're commuting, working from home, or simply somewhere outside the office.

  • Catering to the Mobile, Cross-Channel Customer

    Customer experience planning and management has become a priority for CIOs. The CIO and the IT organization are well-positioned to help guide customer experience efforts. One of the primary challenges many companies face are the technology and organizational silos that exist between different departmental functions.

  • Pinpointing New Opportunities for Enterprise Mobility

    While CIOs have a lot on their plates for 2016, surely enterprise mobility initiatives are near the top of the pecking order. According to a recent Harris Poll commissioned by Appian, enterprise mobility tops IT investments by IT decision-makers for 2016.

  • Planning Ahead for Enterprise Mobility in 2016

    Over the past few years, companies have been focused on mobilizing enterprise apps and making it easier for employees to get work done regardless of their location. And for good reason: enterprise mobile apps are great for boosting productivity. Looking ahead to 2016, companies across a range of industries from manufacturing to technology to retail and hospitality will look for additional ways to strengthen their mobility strategies.

  • Delighting the Mobile Customer

    As companies continue to focus their attention on delivering distinctive customer experiences, CIOs and IT leaders are becoming more involved in customer-facing activities. Mobile is at the heart of today's digitally-driven, socially-connected customer.

  • Driving Adoption for Enterprise Mobility

    Enterprise workforces are more mobile than ever. According to IDC, the global mobile workforce of teleworkers will surpass 1.3 billion people this year. Meanwhile, billions more are using their mobile devices in the workplace or on the go as they access enterprise apps and data.

  • Embedding Mobility Into the Enterprise

    Enterprise mobility continues to steam ahead throughout most organizations at a breathtaking clip. According to a CompTIA study, more than 70% of companies have made some level of investment to build out mobility solutions, with mobile devices ranking as the top investment item.

  • Tapping New Opportunities for Enterprise Mobility

    Many enterprises are seizing on opportunities to better engage customers, business partners, and employees through mobile. Still, one of the things that CIOs and other organizational leaders have learned is that a "build-it-and-they-will-come" approach doesn't work when it comes to building or deploying mobile apps.

  • Best Practices for Securing the Mobile Enterprise

    Most CIOs recognize the enormous opportunities that enterprise mobility offers including heightened employee productivity; greater collaboration between employees, work teams, and business partners.

  • Tackling the Top 5 Enterprise Mobility Challenges

    The pace in which mobile is invading the enterprise is creating both opportunities and challenges for CIOs and other organizational leaders. CIOs and administrators need to ensure that employees are following BYOD policies and procedures to help prevent sensitive customer and corporate data from falling into the wrong hands.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology executive.

Today’s technology executive plays a pivotal role in helping his or her organization respond to these forces of change. In essence, they serve as conductors to orchestrate the three pillars of organizational success – people, processes, and technology – and to draw upon their unique view of the enterprise to bring these elements into harmony.


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