The summer heat makes it feel as though everything is slowing down, but advanced automotive technologies are racing forward in what’s shaping up as a battle for dominance in the one of the world’s most closely watched industrial sectors.

Ford Motor has reached a deal with Mobileye, an auto tech subsidiary of Intel, to support its next-generation of advanced driving and safety features across the automaker’s global product lineup,” writes Michael Wayland of CNBC. “The deal includes Ford using Mobileye’s ‘EyeQ’ camera-based detection technologies for features such as forward collision warning and vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist detection. They’ll also be used for Ford’s forthcoming hands-free driving system.

The combination of advanced new technologies and 5G networks will dramatically elevate the capabilities of driverless auto systems. For most of us, these newer technologies will radically transform the personal transportation experience.

Research already suggests that we’ll be be spending more time in our cars, relying on them as safer alternatives to public modes of transportation. It’s easy to see the day when our automobiles will provide us with the same levels of connectivity and access to remote processing that we have in our homes and offices.

This rapid transformation of the automobile from a mode of transportation into a fully-equipped mobile work station – a computer on wheels, as some call it – will be nothing short of revolutionary. Our grandchildren won’t believe that most cars in the 20th century were equipped with only AM radios!

The convergence of advanced driving systems, 5G and electric vehicle technology will also usher in a new era of super-efficient cars with zero or near-zero carbon emissions. I predict that the next generation of automobiles will change our lives, and greatly reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere. From my perspective, that’s a win-win for all of us.

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