They say that markets are often the best predictors of the future. Looking at today’s numbers, the future looks incredibly bright! Last week, the DJIA closed above 34,000. As some observers have noted, today’s levels of investor confidence bring to mind Alan Greenspan’s “irrational exuberance” comment from 1996.

From my perspective, the strength of our financial markets has been helped immeasurably by the surge in technology driven largely by the pandemic. As a technology leader, I see a tight connection between the accelerated pace of worldwide digital transformation and our economy’s remarkable ability to rebound after the shocks of 2020.

I believe a major part of our economic resiliency can be attributed to our willingness to leverage technology to help us become more flexible, more adaptable and more agile. Those are truly the keys to our recovery, resurgence and continuing success.

That said, I wouldn’t fault anyone who decided to cash in on some of the gains we’ve seen in recent weeks. I’m not offering investment advice here; I’m just restating the obvious.

No matter what choice you make, one thing is absolutely certain: Now is undoubtedly the best time to be a technology executive. We’re on the ride of a lifetime, and I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything. 

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