From a meteorological perspective, it’s been a stormy summer. There have been some brief economic storms as well, such as last week’s precipitous drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Investors were momentarily spooked, but the Dow closed the week above 35,000. All in all, the major indices performed well, despite the jumpy opening.  

“The bull went missing for a time, while the bear made an unexpected, short-lived appearance. By week’s end, however, both creatures appeared to be returning to their previous rightful places, with the bull back in sight on Friday and the bear nowhere to be seen,” wrote Randall W. Forsyth in Barron’s.

I like Randall’s prose, and I generally agree with his take on the market. As a technology leader, however, I am mindful of our industry’s essential role in energizing and driving the economy as it recovers from the impact of the pandemic.  Like everyone else, I certainly hope that we’re on our way back to a sustained period of normalcy. But I take nothing for granted.

I genuinely believe that we have a special responsibility to provide the guidance and insight necessary for supporting a world that is becoming increasingly dependent on digital information technology. This isn’t a small or trivial task. In fact, it’s shaping up to be the defining moment of our careers. Getting through the pandemic and managing the recovery is a truly monumental effort, and it’s gratifying to see how technology is living up to its promise.

That said, the job is far from over. Our increased reliance on technology has opened a Pandora’s box of challenges, including escalating cyber attacks that threaten our safety and security. As technology leaders, we know the risks all too well. The question now is whether we will exercise the leadership required to keep the momentum going in a positive direction. Don’t get me wrong: I’m delighted that the bulls are running strong and the markets are up. But we can’t afford to bask for too long in the sunshine, or the bears will surely return.

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