2022 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit Highlights Successful Leadership Approaches in Tumultuous Times

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I was inspired, energized and delighted by the superlative content, brilliant presentations and spirited panel discussions at our 2022 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summiton November 3, produced in partnership with Fairfield/Westchester SIM.

The official theme of the summit was `The Modern Technology Executive – Leading, Inventing and Winning in Unprecedented Times and Uncharted Waters,’ and it delivered a consistently powerful message of how trust, collaboration, innovation, courage, resiliency empathy and inclusion can foster business success and growth in turbulent times.

The summit was part of our continuing HMG Strategy CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Summit series, and it featured an exceptionally wide range of highly accomplished speakers, presenters and panelists.

Here is a quick recap of highlights from yesterday’s truly stellar executive leadership summit:

Best-selling author Stephen M.R. Covey gave a magnificent keynote address on the reasons why leaders need to shift away from a ‘Command-and-Control’ leadership style and embrace a ‘Trust and Inspire’ approach to help bring out the greatness in employees, foster collaboration and innovation and to enable companies to win in the market.

Ramnath Venkataraman, Integrated Global Services Lead, Accenture and Gloria Samuels, Senior Managing Director, Accenture, spoke convincingly about how leading enterprises are compressing a decade’s worth of digital transformation into timeframes of one to two years. According to the Make the leap, take the lead research from Accenture, astute leaders have cracked the code on delivering change faster and realizing value with transformative technology. These “Leapfroggers” have demonstrated positive spikes in performance, growing 4X faster than technology “Laggards.”

Urs Foley, Board Member Provident Financial Services and Greenlight Re & Strategic Advisor, moderated a fascinating Executive Panel discussion on the summit’s overarching theme `Leading, Inventing and Winning in Unprecedented Times and Uncharted Waters.’ Panelists included Kamran Amin, CIO, Arch Reinsurance Group; Fred Danback, SVP, CIO and CISO, Healthcare Risk Advisors; and Anna Ransley, CIO, GODIVA.

Vinny Licht, CIO Advisor & Board Member, led a terrific Executive Panel on the topic of `Safeguarding the Enterprise Against Escalating Global Cyber Threats.’ Panel members included Mario DiNatale, CISO, OdysseyRe; Matt Lagana, Managing Director, MBIA; and Brook Shuford, CIO, CISO & Chief Privacy Officer, Datavail Corporation.

Joseph Puglisi, Chairman, Co-Manager, North Andover Investors Collaborative, moderated an excellent Executive Panel on `Preparing Yourself to be Boardroom Ready.’ The all-star panelists included Beth Boucher, Non-Executive Independent Director| Chair Nominating and Governance Committee, Coforge; Susan Certoma, Board Director | Executive Leader | Strategic Advisor, Point2Point; Tsvi Gal, CTO, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Board Member, Israel Discount Bank; and Sigal Zarmi, Board Director, ADT; Hashicorp; BigID.

Additionally, we announced our most recent HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Awards Program Nominations:

Jim Panos, CIO, Central National Gottesman Inc. and President, Fairfield/Westchester SIM

Urs Foley, Board Member Provident Financial Services and Greenlight Re & Strategic Advisor

Sigal Zarmi, Board Director, ADT; Hashicorp; BigID

The HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Awards honor elite global technology, business and search leaders whose teams are delivering unparalleled value to their organizations. These prestigious awards recognize the top-performing Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, and other Senior Technology Leaders, Search Industry Executives, Venture Capitalists and Partner Executives who have demonstrated exceptional leadership in the following areas:

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
Leading Into the C-Suite
Safeguarding the Enterprise
Building a Culture of Trust
Creating New Go-to-Market Business Models
Modernizing Enterprise Architecture

HMG’s 2023 Global Leadership Institute Awards recognize truly exemplary technology executives for their performance as courageous leaders, powerful innovators, and superior contributors to their organizations​​. Recipients of these awards include executives who have also shared world-class thought leadership with the HMG Strategy CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Summit series audiences and/or on the HMG Strategy Digital Platform as part of their ability to lead, reimagine and reinvent their companies and their organization’s business models.

The HMG Ecosystem also includes our HMG Global Advisory Services, a unique set of research services that are designed to keep business technology executives up to speed on the latest leadership, business, technology and global macro-economic trends that are impacting businesses and industries.

HMG Strategy’s latest advisory service is the HMG Strategy Genius Service, a unique peer-focused subscription service in which CIOs and other technology executives in the HMG community can submit inquiries regarding a particular challenge they may be facing (e.g.; negotiating a global ERP licensing agreement) and be matched with an expert in the HMG network who can offer qualified advice.

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Please consider joining us on Nov. 8 at our 2022 Denver CIO Executive Leadership Summit. Featured speakers will include David Mahon, Global CISO at Deloitte Global. This will be another excellent summit and we hope to see you there! Click on this link to register.

You can view the complete program and agenda for the Greenwich summit here. I urge you to consult our schedule of upcoming summits and to register for one of our unique world-class events.

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