For most of us, business conditions remain turbulent and uncertain. Even with petabytes of data and vast computational power at our fingertips, we cannot predict what will happen tomorrow. And yet one thing is certain: Of all the skills necessary for outstanding success in the modern enterprise, exemplary leadership still tops the list.

Indeed, I will argue that leadership is the primary driving force and key factor in determining the outcome of any business strategy. At the end of the day, leadership makes the difference between winning and losing.

Modern business strategies are fueled and enabled by technology. You simply cannot run a successful business without technology – this is now a given. As a result, the modern technology executive has become both integral and indispensable to the 21st century enterprise. The duties and responsibilities of the modern technology executive have expanding radically over the past two decades. Expectations are higher than ever before and continually rising. Here’s a quick summary of how the role of the tech exec have been transformed:  


  1. Technology executives are viewed as essential to both business strategy and successful execution. This means that tech execs need to fully and deeply understand the business and its customers. There’s simply no getting around this.
  2. Culture counts. The modern technology executive needs to create and nourish a culture that will attract and retain top talent. In today’s business environments, successful tech execs are also talent magnets – they know how to hire the best people and how to keep them fully engaged over time.
  3. Modern leaders require high EQs – they need ample reserves of empathy and emotional strength to guide their teams difficult and stressful conditions. Modern leaders must be great storytellers to keep their talent motivated, productive and inspired.
  4. The best technology executives understand why they need to create their own global brand. They need to be seen and heard across multiple sectors of the economy. Great leaders speak at events and conferences, they participate in forums and panel discussions, and they step beyond their comfort zones to interact regularly with truly diverse global audiences. 


    These are only some of the critical skills required to achieve and maintain success in today’s rapidly evolving economies and business landscapes. Over the coming weeks and months, we will examine how modern technology leaders are becoming more empowered, more strategic and more customer-focused as they embrace new ideas, new markets and new business models. We look forward to engaging with you as we explore the newest frontiers in world-class leadership.

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