7 Essential Lessons for Building World-Class Leadership Skills and Guiding the Enterprise of Tomorrow

As most of you know, I am passionate about leadership excellence. Over the past three decades, I’ve studied the skills and abilities of world-class technology leaders and executives. Here are seven lessons I’ve learned from observing exceptional leaders at top-performing global organizations:

1. Superlative leadership requires aligning with the CEO’s vision and fully understanding the competitive landscape. You need to know how the company makes money and how it delivers value to customers. You also need to understand where the market is going and prepare for the future by continually reimagining and reinventing the enterprise and developing new markets, new customers and new streams of income.

2. Great leaders are extraordinary communicators. Exceptional leaders have the skills, the knowledge the confidence and the ability to explain the vision and align operations to achieve the CEO’s strategic goals. In addition to being great communicators, they are also exceptional listeners. They engage honestly with peers and colleagues, inspiring loyalty and the highest levels of performance.

3. World-class leadership requires true courage. The best leaders know when to take risks. The ability to “seize the moment” and to act boldly is especially critical in times of uncertainty and turbulence. This is when character counts.

4. Brilliant leaders know how to win allies and influence outcomes to achieve strategic objectives. For example, when companies are in cost-cutting mode, the exceptional leader will push for cost savings to be reinvested to generate innovation and invention that will open new markets and drive future growth.

5. Successful leaders develop their own global personal brand and leverage it across multiple media platforms. When people everywhere know who you are and what you represent as a leader, they will fight for the opportunity to work alongside you. Having a strong global brand is the key to attracting and retaining the best talent, which, in turn is absolutely essential for achieving the company’s strategic goals. 

6. The era of `command-and-control’ leadership is gone. Modern leadership is all about empathy, compassion, inclusion and influence. The best leaders I’ve worked with invariably follow the servant-leadership model. They proactively provide guidance and support to ensure the success and professional growth of the people around them. They truly understand what motivates people to perform at the highest levels and they provide the resources to empower continual success, even in difficult times.

7. World-class leaders deeply and genuinely appreciate the value of gratitude and thankfulness. They understand that gratitude is the bedrock of compassionate, empathetic and effective leadership. Gratitude actually generates energy. It’s an attractive force that wise leaders use to reshape the world and create a better future.  

I sincerely hope that you find these lessons useful as you develop and grow your career. At HMG Strategy, our goal is preparing you for the unlimited future. We look forward to engaging with you as we explore the newest frontiers in world-class leadership.

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