At HMG Strategy, we are continuously innovating, inventing and evolving to provide our community with the world’s most comprehensive portfolio of superlative executive-level advisory services, peer-to-peer insights and trustworthy advice.

Our latest advisory service is the HMG Genius Service, a unique peer-focused subscription service in which CIOs and other technology executives in the HMG community can submit inquiries regarding a particular challenge they may be facing (e.g.; negotiating a global ERP licensing agreement) and be matched with an expert in the HMG network who can offer qualified advice.

I’m thrilled to report that our HMG Genius Service is generating traction and rapidly picking up momentum. Recently, executives from our network have reached out to us to find expert knowledge and practical advice on topics such as IT organizational structure, vendor/partner negotiations, developing an annual IT plan and attracting top talent (by specific skills, geography, experience, compensation and other specific key parameters).

At HMG Strategy, we believe deeply in the value of peer-to-peer knowledge and first-hand experience. That’s why we’re continually developing and implementing new methods and services for leveraging the incredible expertise of our global network of technology leaders and executives.

HMG Strategy understands how genius works. That’s why we want you to join our community of exemplary leaders and become an HMG Genius. Use this link to access the application form and to become a member of this unique and excusive community.

As an HMG Genius, you’ll be joined together with an exclusive community of visionary leaders and executives. You become an integral member of the global HMG Ecosystem, the world's leading digital platform for connecting technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world.

The HMG Genius Service is an important part of our global HMG Ecosystem, which also includes the HMG Strategy CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Summit series, the HMG 2023 Global Leadership Institute Awards, the HMG Strategy Digital Platform, our Global CIO & CISO Executive Leadership Alliance (CELA) Service, the HMG Global Advisory Services and the HMG Strategy Global Media Model, which generates more than one million impressions per week, providing vast opportunities for business technology leaders and sponsor partners to promote themselves, their thought leadership and their professional brands on a global scale. 

We are the platform for building your brand and elevating your career. Join our network and see what HMG Strategy can do for you and your organization. To learn more about any of these services, contact me at or at