Finding Your True North: Reflecting on HMG Strategy’s Unique Collaboration with Stephen M.R. Covey, Bestselling Author of The Speed of Trust

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I’ve been collaborating with Stephen M.R. Covey for the better part of a year and, quite frankly, it’s one of the all-time great partnerships of my professional career. As most of you know, Stephen is the bestselling author of The Speed of Trust. Working directly with Stephen has enabled me to learn first-hand why he is truly the global authority on trust, leadership and culture. His expertise and insight are unique and phenomenal, and especially relevant in today’s hyper-turbulent and continually evolving global economy.

As Stephen brilliantly notes, trust serves as a strategic multiplier in maximizing human performance and boosting the execution of teams, dramatically improving the organization’s ability to achieve its strategic goals. In our exclusive one-to-one conversations, Stephen shares how a high-trust culture will accelerate innovation and optimize business outcomes.

I am incredibly delighted by the value and spirit that Stephen brings to the HMG Strategy community of more than 400,000 business technology leaders and industry executives. Over the course of our collaboration, Stephen has generously shared his expert advice on building authentic, trusting relationships across the C-suite, with the board, the lines of business, internal teams and external customers. Together, we have worked to apply his principles to solve the most pressing challenges facing technology leaders at this difficult moment in history.

Stephen will be speaking at many of our upcoming HMG Executive Leadership Summits. He will help you find your True North, understand your purpose and help you to discover why trust is the single most powerful economic driver in the modern enterprise.

Building trust across the organization is more important than ever, especially in today’s `work-from-anywhere’ hybrid environments. Join us at one of our upcoming summits and discover the benefits of engaging with the world’s strongest executive leadership platform and find out how we connect world-class executives with the industry’s brightest minds and most visionary thinkers.

Together, we will help you elevate your performance, become a world-class leader in the boardroom, build strong relationships across the C-suite and leverage trust to lead, facilitate, enable, reimagine and reinvent your teams, your organizations, your business models and your go-to-market strategies. As Stephen notes, “trust is a performance multiplier.”

I am deeply honored and grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Stephen, and I am thrilled by our amazing partnership. Stephen is all about trust, and I can’t think of better time to be focused on leading and leaning in with passion, courage and honesty. As I’ve said and written before, now is the best time to be a technology leader. Stephen’s remarkable insight and deep understanding of business strategy makes him the perfect partner to drive our agenda and build a brighter future.

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