HMG Strategy’s 2023 Global Innovation Summit Named as a Top Tech Conference to Attend in 2023 by TechRepublic

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One of the things that differentiates HMG Strategy’s CIO & CISO Executive Leadership Summits is that the content and speakers for the events are curated by business technology leaders for business tech leaders. Our panelists and keynote speakers focus on the topics that matter most to CIOs, CISOs and fellow C-level business tech executives. We’re thrilled that TechRepublic recently named our 2023 Global Innovation Summit on December 12 as a Top Tech Event to Attend in 2023.

Looking ahead, the theme for our CIO & CISO Executive Leadership Summits is ‘Visionary Global Leadership: Thriving Securely in the Age of Accelerated Innovation.’ The theme touches upon several topics that we’ll be tracking in our 2024 Leadership and Technology Research agendas. This includes how macro-economic and geo-political challenges are creating headwinds for technology executives and fellow members of the C-suite to execute on and achieve strategic goals in 2024. The fast-changing socio-economic landscape is forcing technology executives to be able to peer around the corners and to anticipate what’s coming for the CEO and the Board.

Cybersecurity will continue to be front-of-mind for CIOs and CISOs this year as new types of ransomware, phishing and crypto mining attacks are expected to escalate amid cybersecurity budgetary pressures.

Meanwhile, CIOs, CISOs and business tech leaders will be counted on by the CEO and the senior leadership team to foster innovation and help drive new waves of revenue growth and fresh Go-to-Market models.

Additional topics we’ll be exploring at our events include opportunities for business tech leaders to leverage innovative technologies and partnerships to power business growth and to cut costs in what continues to be a cost-focused business environment.

We’ll also explore recommendations to attract and retain talent as the war for tech talent rages on. We’ll also be sharing innovative cybersecurity start-up companies and their CEOs as part of the HMG Innovation Accelerator series and how these companies and their solutions help to solve real-world challenges and are differentiated in the market.

To learn more about our 2024 CIO & CISO Executive Leadership Summits, click here. And please share your feedback below on the top leadership and technology trends you’re anticipating this year.

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