Looking Ahead: Fast Growth, Jobs Recovery and Continuing Resiliency Justify a Renewed Sense of Optimism

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When spring is around the corner, it’s hard not to feel optimistic. After grinding through a year that all of us would prefer to forget, our optimism is justifiable.

From my perspective, we are on the cusp of a strong and widespread economic recovery. The tech industry is surging, the stock market is booming and local economies are showing new signs of resiliency. For a variety of reasons, we’re primed to enter a long period of growth and wealth creation.

“The combination of trillions of dollars of fiscal stimulus, ultralow interest rates, and a newfound sense of liberation means the U.S. economy in coming months will be unlike any the country has experienced in decades. Growth will be faster. Inflation will run hotter. The job market could bounce back more speedily than even the Fed expects,” writes Ben Levisohn in Barron’s. “This environment won’t be easy for investors to navigate, as a likely rise in interest rates and a rebound in economically sensitive stocks could diminish the lure—and performance—of stocks that worked so well in 2020, including highflying tech shares, work-from-home plays, and speculative special-purpose acquisition vehicles, or SPACs. For those who can pivot as the market shifts, however, multiple opportunities await.”

I recommend Ben’s article. It captures both the promise and the reality of today’s rapid-fire economy. Even if the ride is bumpy, the overall trend is upward. That’s a good reason to be optimistic, and to plan for a brilliant future.

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