The HMG Security Innovation Accelerator Roundtable: Tackling the Latest Wave of Cyber-Threats

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As the global threat landscape continues to become more complex, CISOs and technology executives looking for new and innovative ways to address security concerns for their organizations. At the Security Innovation Accelerator roundtable on February 25th, HMG Strategy hosted a panel discussion facilitated by Hunter Muller, President and CEO at HMG Strategy, that focused on how CEOs of cybersecurity technology companies are finding opportunities and solving problems in a novel and fast-moving environment.

After the onset of the global pandemic and the shift to a work-from-anywhere model, the security environment changed overnight. The network perimeter as we once knew it disappeared. Meanwhile, the dramatic expansion of each organization’s digital footprint opened up new vulnerabilities for attackers to go after.

Attacks have evolved in a number of ways, whether through malware, ransomware, phishing and other threats. While the first generation of security tools may have identified anomalies in attacks in order to stop them, the latest attacks are targeted and personalized, leaving old methods ineffective and the organization at risk.

“They’ve moved from bulk phishing attacks to very personalized attacks, like breaking into vendors and sending emails on their behalf,” says Evan Reiser, CEO at Abnormal Security.

Abnormal Security takes an AI/machine learning approach to email security, looking for anomalies and compromised areas of the supply chain, whether through targeted phishing or executive impersonation. Through one-click, API-based Office 365 and G Suite integration, Abnormal sets up in minutes and does not disrupt email flow, creating a uniquely easy and user-friendly approach to security.

In addition to opportunities for protecting email security, it’s also important to pay attention to other trends that are evolving. This includes the current demands of ransomware attackers to seek payment in cryptocurrency. Security efforts need to focus on stopping the propagation of these bad actors once they have already infiltrated an organization’s network.

“Ransomware threats are growing rapidly. While there are a whole bunch of security companies that are trying to prevent ransomware from getting into your network, Airgap’s Zero Trust Isolation Platform protects your organization even if your perimeter is breached or if you have unpatched vulnerable servers inside your data center.” says Ritesh Agrawal, CEO

Nikhil Gupta, CEO and Co-Founder at ArmorCode, notes that there is a severe lack of visibility in the secure software development life cycle (SSDLC). “You can’t secure what you can’t see,” says Gupta. “ArmorCode is building an AI-powered Application Security Posture Management and Orchestration platform. ArmorCode provides a single pane of glass for the application and product security team to see all the vulnerabilities in the right prioritized order. ArmorCode truly enables DevSecOps and proves time to value in 15 minutes. In unprecedented times, communication and speed creates opportunities to strengthen security and create solutions.”

“We increase secure software development efficiency, enabling the shiftleft movement and provide answers for executives,” says Gupta.

 As enterprise software moves to the cloud and organizations continue to expand their use of collaboration tools, this creates new risks for businesses.

“Collaboration tools are great things for all of us because of these open connections, but it’s an increasing set of concerns for many security executives,” says Reiser.

Given these risks, Abnormal Security found the opportunity to protect these surface areas through AI.

“We wanted to protect knowledge workers wherever knowledge workers were,” says Reiser.

Although competition may be steep in the security business, coming up with better and innovative technology helps CISOs and information security teams to tackle the evolving threat landscape more effectively.

“Getting started with Airgap is easy with our SaaS only solution,” says Agrawal.

To learn about HMG Strategy’s next Security Innovation Accelerator on April 15 and to register for the event, click here

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