Leading the Epic Revolution

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Written for today’s CIOs and technology leaders, Leading the Epic Revolution  is an essential leadership guide for anyone responsible for creating value and growth through continuous development of new products, new services, new markets, and new revenue streams.

Leading the Epic Revolution  includes exclusive interviews with visionary IT leaders from world-class organizations such as IBM, McKesson, Avaya, Kimberly-Clark, AT&T, Cisco, Pitney Bowes, ADP, Microsoft, DirecTV, Facebook, Boston Scientific, Netflix and many others. Each chapter contains useful real-world examples of practical solutions created by CIOs and IT leaders competing for success in today’s hyper-competitive globally connected economy. A must-read for busy executives looking for actionable information and valuable insight from their peers

“Our digital economy moves with incredible speed. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you need to be innovative, creative, open-minded, and supremely flexible. By leveraging his extensive global network, Hunter Muller has created a book of exceptional value.”

   – Tim Campos, CIO, Facebook

“Innovation is absolutely imperative, but often hard to achieve in today’s fast-paced business environment. This book contains real-life stories about innovative executives at major organizations across the world. Leading the Epic Revolution provides a great learning experience.”

   – Kimberly Stevenson, VP & CIO, Intel Corporation

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