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The Emergence of Offensive AI

Artificial intelligence is no longer a tool only for the ‘good guys’. Bad actors now use it as a force multiplier as digitalization expands firms’ surface area to more advanced attacks. In this Forrester report commissioned by Darktrace, discover how companies can protect themselves against malicious applications of AI.

Attribution: Darktrace

Prevailing in the Battle of Algorithms

Research reveals that AI-driven cyber-attacks aren’t years away – they’re a very real possibility in the immediate future. In this white paper from Darktrace, discover how cyber criminals will leverage offensive AI to create customized, targeted and hard-to-detect cyber-attacks at scale and how organizations can employ AI defenses to fight these new threats on their own terms.

Attribution: Darktrace

  • The CEO of Technology

    The CEO of Technology is the authoritative guidebook to becoming a high-performing CIO in today’s fast-paced, ultra-competitive business environment. The success of the entire business can be critically impacted by the right – or wrong – digital strategy and leadership. In this hands-on resource, you’ll gain access to the intimate wisdom and habits of successful global leaders who are at the front edge of leveraging technology to provide you with an actionable approach to blending innovative technology and cutting-edge business strategy to generate value in the digital age.

  • The CIO Playbook: Strategies and Best Practices for IT Leaders to Deliver on Value

    As our economy shifts from recession to recovery, our current economic climate is ripe for transformation. CIOs are in a unique position to leverage technology in order to drive innovation and boost business growth. The CIO Playbook is the handy desk reference for CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, and up and coming leaders, revealing a dynamic seven-step framework (Partner – Organize – Innovate – Deliver – Support – Protect – Grow) that will guide you in making essential changes to your organization.