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Safeguarding the Hybrid Workforce with a Zero Trust Approach

When the world changed in March 2020, CISOs and information security teams found themselves facing a slew of new challenges. As millions of employees suddenly began working from home, any remaining notion of organizations having a defined perimeter to defend was put to rest. Discover how a zero trust methodology can more effectively protect the hybrid workplace

Attribution: Zscaler

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Transforming Manufacturing Through a Hybrid Cloud Model

The manufacturing industry is at a tipping point. Manufacturing leaders want to transform and innovate their operations on the path to Industry 4.0 but they’re constrained by the challenges of integrating legacy IT systems that make it difficult to shift to Just-in-Time practices for production, order management, fulfillment and shipping. In this white paper from HMG Strategy and HCL Technologies, discover how a hybrid cloud model can enable manufacturers to leverage technologies such as the Industrial Internet of Things, next-generation wireless, machine learning, edge computing and augmented reality to streamline manufacturing activities and modernize plant floor operations.

Attribution: HCL

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Excelling in the Experience Economy

We are truly living in an Experience Economy, where customers value experiences over transactions and are willing to pay more for exceptional experiences while directing their business to companies that are able to meet their expectations. In this white paper from RingCentral and HMG Strategy, discover why it’s incumbent upon CIOs and technology executives to ensure that the ‘systems of experience’ their companies deploy are hyper-personalized for customers and employees – and why these systems need to be tailored to address changing behaviors and expectations.

Attribution: RingCentral

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The Four Cornerstones of Hybrid Cloud in Financial Services

The global health crisis has changed the world – not only in our day-to-day lives but also in terms of how businesses have had to reinvent their go-to-market strategies. This dynamic is especially true in financial services, where banks, brokerages and other players are under immense pressure to make their businesses more agile and cost focused. In this co-branded white paper from HMG Strategy and HCL Technologies, discover the primary factors that are leading financial services companies to shift to a hybrid cloud environment along with the business and operational benefits it’s delivering to them.

Attribution: HCL

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Strengthening Employee Engagement in a Time of Uncertainty

Keeping employees engaged and motivated in these trying times is a top concern among CIOs, CISOs and technology executives. In this HMG Strategy Research Report sponsored by Zendesk, discover the steps that top technology leaders are taking to inspire their teams.

Attribution: Zendesk

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