White Papers

Welcome to the Automation-First Era

In today’s digital business environment, company margins are getting tighter while customers continue to expect more. Since twentieth-century solutions no longer provide companies the wherewithal to survive, discover how automation is enabling companies and their employees to increase the efficiency, accuracy and speed needed to thrive in a digital, data-driven world.

Attribution: UiPath

Breaking the Rules of Cloud Migration

In this webinar, Prakash Somani, Global Offering Leader, Hybrid Cloud Services at IBM, shares critical success factors for the journey to the cloud.

Attribution: IBM Corporation

Innovate, Differentiate and Grow Your Business with Multicloud

As innovation and speed to market continue to be imperatives for businesses, IT can be a point of differentiation to enable the business to keep up with client expectations and needs. In this webinar featuring Mohammed Farooq, General Manager of IBM Multicloud Management Services, discover how a multicloud approach to managing applications across multiple environments can help foster innovation and business growth.

Attribution: IBM Corporation

Tapping Multiple Cloud Vendors Delivers Clear Business Benefits

In this white paper which draws upon a recent survey of senior IT executives conducted by IDG Research, discover how companies that are utilizing multi-cloud services are outperforming their peers on a number of metrics and achieving the key objectives that led them to the cloud services model.

Attribution: IBM Corporation

Top 10 Best Practices for Multi-Cloud Management

When organizations take the initiative to deploy infrastructure and solutions from different cloud vendors, challenges emerge. Multi-cloud environments require new management solutions to optimize performance, control costs, and secure complicated mixes of applications and environments. In this white paper from IBM, discover key pain points and related best practices that help organizations to navigate these complexities.

Attribution: IBM Corporation