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What You Need to Know about Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Thanks to emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, companies are discovering new ways to automate existing tasks or processes on the path to intelligent, lower-cost operations. At the heart of these developments is robotic process automation (RPA), a process automation technology that can free up employees to focus on higher-value work by automating routine business processes and workflows through the use of software robots. In this white paper from Windsor Group and HMG Strategy, discover how companies can derive value from RPA investments and how to avoid the key challenges associated with RPA implementations.

Attribution: Windsor Group

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The 2018 FIMA CDO Study - Uncovering the Progress of the CDO 2.0

It's been almost a year in the making, but the 2018 FIMA CDO 2.0 Report, commissioned by ASG Technologies and Wipro, is finally here. After surveying 100 data management professionals in financial services, including an exclusive CDO-only segment consisting of 30 C-level executives, we're excited to share the results! Find out where CDOs are finding the most value from Big Data. Highlights include: 50% of CDOs admit that they do not have solutions in place to support data inventory. Virtually all respondents are aware that they need to focus on moving beyond compliance to keep up with their peers. Yet, only a leading 11% from this group feel that they have fully progressed past the point where compliance is mostly covered by automated processes. 77% of CDOs report that they spend just 25% or less of their data practice's operating budget on compliance activities today.

Attribution: ASG

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The General Data Protection Regulation - Should It Matter To Me and How Can Technology Help?

GDPR is a European Union regulation which affects global companies that collect data on EU citizens. With enforcement beginning May 25, 2018 and potential fines projected to reach millions of dollars for affected companies, ASG Technologies and the Financial Information Management Association (FIMA) offer a four-stage approach for complying with GDPR.

Attribution: ASG

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Workday: The Innovative CIO: The Catalyst To Driving Digital Transformation

The shift to digital business is creating unprecedented opportunities for IT leaders to power new business growth by drawing on their technical acumen and inventive prowess. Companies are exploring new ways to use mobile, social, and other digital channels to connect with customers in the channels they prefer and to drive efficiencies in business and operational processes.

Attribution: HMG Strategy Workday, Inc.

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Workday: Technology Innovation Drives Business Growth: The New Role of the CIO

CEOs now look to their CIOs to provide guidance on digital strategy and support business growth through technology. Discover how CIOs can align to what their executives want and help their companies thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

Attribution: Workday, Inc.

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