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The Speed of Change - How Fast Are You

The global pandemic has created a massive shock to companies and to our daily lives. And while the future remains uncertain, ingenuity and adaptability will be the critical factors that define success for organizations of all types. In this new report from OutSystems, which surveyed 2,200 IT professionals, discover how quickly organizations are able to respond to change, how to self-assess the adaptability of your organization, how leaders and laggards compare in their ability to respond to change, along with recommendations on how to catch up to the leaders.

Attribution: OutSystems

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The Threat Landscape of Today and Tomorrow – The Battle Against AI-Driven Cyber-Attacks

Today, it is clear that the threat of cyber-attacks that use artificial intelligence (AI) in an offensive capacity is inevitable. Forrester has found that 86% of cyber security decision makers are concerned with threat actors leveraging AI to supercharge attacks and 88% believe it is only a matter of time before AI-driven attacks to go mainstream. In this research report from HMG Strategy and Darktrace, discover what Offensive AI looks like, how it will be used and how CISOs and cyber teams can leverage Defensive AI to strengthen their cyber ecosystems against emerging threats posed by Offensive AI.

Attribution: Darktrace

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The Roadmap to a Zero Trust Security Model

As companies continue to expand their digital footprints, organizations no longer have a defined perimeter that partitions their borders. As security teams strive to protect distributed assets, mitigating access to authenticated workloads has been a difficult challenge for cyber teams to contend with. In this new research report from HMG Strategy and Okta, discover why a growing number of organizations are adopting zero trust security models, recommendations for developing and maintaining zero trust models, along with the business and operational benefits they deliver.

Attribution: Okta

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The Evolution of Work - Embracing the Human-Robot Partnership

Employees across all demographics are looking for more from the jobs they do and the employers they work for. They want to be involved in work that has meaning to them and to the customers they support. In this white paper from UiPath and HMG Strategy, discover how the latest wave of automation is introducing profound changes to the nature of work in terms of heightened collaboration between employees and digital assistants, how this is enabling employees to focus on higher-value activities and why is it enhancing the employee and customer experience.

Attribution: UiPath

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The Emergence of Offensive AI

Artificial intelligence is no longer a tool only for the ‘good guys’. Bad actors now use it as a force multiplier as digitalization expands firms’ surface area to more advanced attacks. In this Forrester report commissioned by Darktrace, discover how companies can protect themselves against malicious applications of AI.

Attribution: Darktrace

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