White Papers

Adopting a Repeatable Customer Privacy Framework That Protects Customer Data

With consumer privacy regulations in transition, company executives need effective data management practices to adequately protect customer data. In this white paper from ASG Technologies and HMG Strategy, discover how a repeatable data privacy framework can enable companies to improve the quality of their data and data governance practices while strengthening customer trust.

Attribution: ASG

App Dev Trends to Watch in 2019

As technology continues to advance, this impacts the platforms and techniques that application developers use to connect with their target audiences. In this white paper from Magenic CTO Rockford Lhotka, discover key application development trends in cloud-native development, container-based development and deployment and DevSecOps as well as emerging trends involving Blockchain and Progressive Web Apps.

Attribution: Magenic

Getting to Market Faster with Digital Software Development

Corporate software development is undergoing an 'accelerated feedback' revolution. Successful companies are delivering solutions faster and more continuously by moving away from outdated methodologies and processes to a product-focused approach. In this white paper from Magenic, discover how shifting from a project to a product mindset enables companies to get to market faster while building better experiences for customers.

Attribution: Magenic

ASG - Creating Digital Workspaces to Meet Modern Workforce Requirements

The digital revolution is changing how business is being conducted. It's also reshaping the nature of work as to how employees access information on their devices. In this white paper from ASG Technologies and HMG Strategy, discover why it's critical for companies to create flexible digital workspaces that empower employees to do their jobs effectively while striking a balance between user experience, security and privacy.

Attribution: ASG

Gaining a Competitive Edge - Reimagining the Agile Digital Supply Chain

Pivoting to a digital supply chain can enable companies to meet evolving customer requirements while extending their supply chains to a broader ecosystem. In this white paper from SAP and HMG Strategy, discover how a digital supply chain can dramatically improve upon historical approaches along with recommendations for CIOs and IT teams to drive the cultural changes needed to achieve successful transformation.

Attribution: SAP