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  • HMG Tech News Digest June 22

    Trending News on Three Major Telcos No Longer Selling Real-Time Location Data, China's Plan to Compete with Hong Kong and Wall Street Hits a Speed Bump, and NASA Looking at Smaller Satellites to Probe the Cosmos

  • Real-Time Interference for Cyber

    Here are some practical recommendations from an expert on playing defense that I found today in a document on the Internet: To be sound in our defense, we must be able to adjust our defense.

  • HMG Tech News Digest June 15

    Trending News on Apple Closing Hole in iPhone Security, AT&T Completing Acquisition of Time Warner, and Senators Taking on Amazon Echo

  • Decentralized Authentication for a Passwordless World

    The year was 2013, and Apple had just released iPhone 5S with Touch ID, a fingerprint sensor feature that made unlocking devices as easy as touching glass. Young Brooklyn-born tech entrepreneur, George Avetisov, well-versed in eCommerce and cryptocurrencies, began to connect the dots between the threats he was seeing on the Internet each day-to-day with the exciting advances in biometrics and identity-related protections. Thus was born HYPR.

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