Category: Testimonials

  • Eric Yuan

    Eric Yuan

    “Hunter and the HMG Strategy team confirm that now is unquestionably the best time to be a technology leader. HMG Summits highlight the responsibilities and opportunities we have as pioneers guiding the next amazing cycle of innovation on a global scale.”

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  • Patty Hatter

    Patty Hatter

    “HMG Strategy provides a looking glass view into the future state of technology and its global impact. Every tech leader needs to be inclusive in thought leadership and HMG Strategy provides the necessary, diverse viewpoints.”

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  • Wendy Pfeiffer

    Wendy Pfeiffer

    “Hunter Muller has been at the nexus of digital transformation’s effect on enterprise IT for the past decade. The whole HMG Strategy team offers a pitch-perfect analysis of current state and our potential future.”

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