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The 2018 FIMA CDO Study - Uncovering the Progress of the CDO 2.0

It's been almost a year in the making, but the 2018 FIMA CDO 2.0 Report, commissioned by ASG Technologies and Wipro, is finally here. After surveying 100 data management professionals in financial services, including an exclusive CDO-only segment consisting of 30 C-level executives, we're excited to share the results! Find out where CDOs are finding the most value from Big Data. Highlights include: 50% of CDOs admit that they do not have solutions in place to support data inventory. Virtually all respondents are aware that they need to focus on moving beyond compliance to keep up with their peers. Yet, only a leading 11% from this group feel that they have fully progressed past the point where compliance is mostly covered by automated processes. 77% of CDOs report that they spend just 25% or less of their data practice's operating budget on compliance activities today.

Attribution: ASG

HCL Technologies - Bridging the Digital Disconnect - Modernizing Infrastructures to Deliver a Cohesive Customer Experience

Companies are under mounting pressure to deliver digital customer experiences that are fast, easy, effective, safe, and secure at each level of every interaction. The simple truth is that many organizations are unable to meet those demands. In many instances, they lack the orchestration and vision to execute their own digital roadmaps. In other cases, they lack the modernized infrastructure, software, and operating systems required to fulfill increasingly common expectations from customers who have grown accustomed to rich, multi-functional digital experiences across a wide variety of devices and channels. However, elegant customer experiences are possible when companies connect the dots and remodel back-end processes and supporting systems in parallel with digital and physical customer interfaces. In this white paper from HCL Technologies and HMG Strategy, you’ll discover the characteristics of success among digital transformation leaders along with recommendations for delivering exceptional digital customer experiences.

Attribution: HCL

  • The CIO Playbook: Strategies and Best Practices for IT Leaders to Deliver on Value

    As our economy shifts from recession to recovery, our current economic climate is ripe for transformation. CIOs are in a unique position to leverage technology in order to drive innovation and boost business growth. The CIO Playbook is the handy desk reference for CIOs, CEOs, CFOs, and up and coming leaders, revealing a dynamic seven-step framework (Partner – Organize – Innovate – Deliver – Support – Protect – Grow) that will guide you in making essential changes to your organization.

  • IT Business Partnerships: A Field Guide

    IT Business Partnerships: A Field Guide provides an actionable plan to implementing IT Business Partnership Programs as a proven method of achieving business technology convergence. Designed to move beyond simply talking about business technology convergence to formally instituting an IT Business Partnership Program, Topinka’s field guide is a framework of strategies, methods and tools crucial to success.