Visionary Leadership: Going Beyond Protection to Make Security a Competitive Advantage

Inflationary pressures and other macro-economic challenges are creating headwinds for technology executives and fellow members of the C-suite to execute on and achieve strategic goals through 2023. One of the impacts for CISOs and security leaders are potential budget cutbacks on cybersecurity software, staff and services.

The fast-changing socio-economic landscape is prompting technology executives to become more creative than ever in a cost-conscious environment and to draw upon visionary leadership skills to inspire their teams. Meanwhile, security leaders will need to remain laser focused on new ransomware, phishing and crypto mining attacks amidst budgetary pressures.

Here are the prevailing leadership and technology trends that HMG Strategy will be focusing on throughout its 2023 CISO & Technology Executive Leadership Summit Series:

  • Security Innovation – Understanding the Risk Profile of the C-Suite
  • How Upcoming SEC Regulations Impact CXOs and the Board
  • The Partner Puzzle – How Many is Too Many?
  • Trends in Security Talent Search
  • Combatting the Nation-State Axis of Evil

Global economic challenges are creating unique opportunities for security executives to foster a collaborative culture, embrace fresh innovative approaches, and develop strong partnerships to leverage hot technologies such as AI, ChatGPT, cloud platforms and other cyber technologies to help safeguard the business and enable the company to win in tumultuous times.

2023 Global CISO Executive Leadership Summit

New York – Tue, 12-12-2023 7:30 AM to 3:00 PM