adaptThe speed of business is accelerating so quickly that it almost feels like an `accelerated acceleration.’ Unquestionably, we have entered a new era of extremely rapid change, adaptation and evolution.

For some organizations, the pivot to digital has been difficult. But the larger picture reveals a culture that is comfortable with significantly faster cycles of innovation and implementation. That is highly reassuring and encouraging.

From our perspective, it’s clear that great leaders have stepped up and are making all the right moves to guide their organizations through uncharted territory in difficult times. I urge you to visit our archive of recent HMG Live! Virtual Events, and watch exclusive video clips of top-tier executives sharing their stories and experiences.

Frankly, I find their stories extremely gratifying and inspiring. In addition to sharing knowledge, these exemplary role models are writing the first draft of history for future generations. I am incredibly proud and humbled by their participation in our truly unique and valuable professional community here at HMG Strategy, the world’s strongest independent platform for peer-driven knowledge and unbiased information.

As we’ve seen from the dozens of Advisory Board calls we’ve had with members of the HMG community since work-from-home went into effect, CIOs, CISOs and technology executives are yearning to connect with their peers and share their challenges and experiences. From these calls and the peer-focused discussions we’re having each day with members of the HMG community, we feel we have created a unique platform to enable these connections between technology executives to help them to lead, reimagine and reinvent the business as the global economy has changed.

Modern technology leaders everywhere are playing critical roles in determining the future of the enterprise. I am exceptionally confident that as a group, we will provide the guidance, counsel, advice and experience required to drive forward and achieve durable success.

Together, all over the world, we are experiencing a historic moment of accelerated transformational change. In a matter of weeks, we have transformed our organizations and our workforces. These are not trivial deeds - they required all of our skills and experience. They demanded the superior courage, knowledge and experience that great leaders bring to the table.

From our unique vantage point at HMG Strategy, we can see the shift and observe how great leaders adjust and adapt rapidly to the new normal. We see first-hand how great leaders have energized and accelerated their efforts to reimagine, reinvent and innovate the customer experience and drive value across the enterprise while ensuring the highest possible levels of safety and security.

Great leaders deepen and extend the strength of their relationships in the C-suite and boardrooms and open new paths to success in receptive markets. They complete the shift to digital and embrace the new normal. They thrive and succeed.

At HMG Strategy, we cover what matters most to you: courageous leadership, inspiration, hope, resiliency, accelerating career ascent, driving a winning agenda and making the world a better place. Our primary mission is enabling and supporting you: the modern technology leader.

We focus exclusively on the issues and challenges that you face in your role as a trusted advisor, counselor, pioneer, innovator and technology leader.  That’s why we’ve invested so heavily in our research agenda. We fully understand your needs, because we live in your world, and we look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead.

Thanks to your support and engagement, we have made the pivot to digital at HMG Strategy. We are generating a continuous flow of highly valuable and relevant content in multiple formats to our incredibly strong global network of technology leaders and executives. We offer a rich series of high-value virtual events, summits, briefings and webinars, designed exclusively for technology leaders and executives. I urge you to visit the HMG Live! page on our website and learn more about our rich and genuinely unique schedule of digital experiences.

We are the world's leading digital platform for connecting technology executives to reimagine the enterprise and reshape the business world. We have a growing community of more than 400,000 technology executives. Our global, social and digital platform has expanded significantly, and we welcome you to visit the HMG Strategy Resource Center to learn directly from the most innovative leaders of our time.  As we continue to grow, we have launched unique executive services that include HMG Ventures, HMG CIO and CISO Executive Leadership Alliance (CELA), Executive Decision Support (EDS) CELA, and HMG Adventures.