Twenty or thirty years ago, when many of us were just getting started in the tech industry, only a handful of visionaries foresaw that within a couple of decades, interconnected digital technologies would become an absolutely central part of daily life.

Today, when something big happens in the tech space, it almost always bleeds over into the broader culture. The unfolding Twitter saga is a prime example.  

Twitter Inc. on Monday accepted Elon Musk’s bid to take over the company, which would give the world’s richest man control over the social-media network where he is also among its most influential users,” write ​Cara Lombardo​, Meghan Bobrowsky​ and Georgia Wells of The Wall Street Journal. “The $44 billion deal marks the close of a dramatic courtship and a change of heart at Twitter, where many executives and board members initially opposed Mr. Musk’s takeover approach. The deal has polarized Twitter employees, users and regulators over the power tech giants wield in determining the parameters of acceptable discourse on the internet and how those companies enforce their rules.”

Is this a tech story? Or is it a finance story? Maybe it’s a politics story or a culture story, since Twitter is a social media platform. I think the correct answer is all of the above.

There are no pure tech stories anymore. Anything related to tech is immediately related to everything, because we all use tech every day. Tech isn’t just a global phenomenon – it impacts all of our lives in ways that would have been simple unimaginable several decades ago.

Our industry has changed the world, and there’s no going back. As technology leaders, we should be humble. But we also need to step up an add out voices to the ongoing and important debate over how technology should be used. Our opinions matter, and the world is looking to us for answers. 

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