• Tech News Digest - July 3

    Learn about the special bonuses Amazon is paying it's front line workers, the surprise of Tesla's high numbers and more.

  • Tech News Digest - June 26

    Read up on the five tech stocks that are soaring, the new Chief Data Officer at the Pentagon, and more.

  • Tech News Digest - June 19

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  • Tech News Digest - April 9

    Read up on the rise in the Markets, social medias part in research and development, Google Pixel 4A's launch, and more.

  • Tech News Digest April 3

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  • Tech News Digest March 20

    Learn all about how tech is strengthening, the use of mobile phone data for Europeans, AI's help in fighting Coronavirus and more.

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology executive.

Today’s technology executive plays a pivotal role in helping his or her organization respond to these forces of change. In essence, they serve as conductors to orchestrate the three pillars of organizational success – people, processes, and technology – and to draw upon their unique view of the enterprise to bring these elements into harmony.


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