• HMG Tech News Digest August 17

    Trending News on Tech Stocks Sending Markets on a Wild Ride, NASA Astronauts Becoming Familiar with Advanced Capsule Designed by SpaceX, the Swift Advance of AI, and the Rise of Investment Capital

  • HMG Tech News Digest August 10

    Trending News on Elon Musk's Controversial Tweets, "Mixed Reality" Headsets, the Trade War with China, and Fighting Hackers with Lava Lamps

  • HMG Tech News Digest August 03

    Trending News on Apple Hitting $1 Trillion Valuation, Facebook Shutting Down Fake Accounts Linked to Political Influence Campaign, and a New Email Scam Using Old Passwords

  • HMG Tech News Digest July 27

    Trending News on Facebook Shares Plunging After Disappointing Earnings Call, Apple's New Chip Technology Controversy, Google's New Security Key, and China Developing Renewable Energy Sources

  • HMG Tech News Digest July 20

    Trending News on the EU's $5 Billion Fine to Google, Walmart's New Surveillance System, and China / U.S. Competing for AI Leadership

  • HMG Tech News Digest July 6

    Trending news on the trade war with China, tech startups developing alternative methods for building lithium batteries, and how data analytics have revolutionized baseball.

  • HMG Tech News Digest June 29

    Trending News on the U.S. Softening its Stance on Trade War with China, Tesla's Org Chart, and Mining Cobalt from Asteroids for Electric Vehicles

  • HMG Tech News Digest June 22

    Trending News on Three Major Telcos No Longer Selling Real-Time Location Data, China's Plan to Compete with Hong Kong and Wall Street Hits a Speed Bump, and NASA Looking at Smaller Satellites to Probe the Cosmos

  • HMG Tech News Digest June 15

    Trending News on Apple Closing Hole in iPhone Security, AT&T Completing Acquisition of Time Warner, and Senators Taking on Amazon Echo

  • HMG Tech News Digest June 8

    Trending News on Google Limiting Its Use of AI, the U.S. Lifting Sanctions on Major Chinese Telecom, and Microsoft's Purchase of GitHub Creating 3 New Billionaires

  • HMG Tech News Digest June 1

    Trending news on SoftBank investing in General Motors, Alibaba investing heavily in logistics, Wall Street traders leaving jobs to focus on cyptocurrency, and restarting routers to stop spread of malware linked to Russia.

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 25

    Trending News on GDPR Taking Full Effect, Amazon Helping Law Enforcement Deploy Cloud-Based AI Video Surveillance, and Digital Attacks on Malware-Infested Routers

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 18

    Trending News on Richard Branson's 'Hyperloop for Cargo,' Net Neutrality Restoration, Microprocessor Threats, and Walmart's Failed 'Scan & Go' Plan

  • HMG Tech News Digest May 11

    Trending News on U.S. and China Relations, Walmart Reaching a Deal with Flipkart, and Uber Partnering with NASA

There has never been a more exciting time to be a technology executive.

Today’s technology executive plays a pivotal role in helping his or her organization respond to these forces of change. In essence, they serve as conductors to orchestrate the three pillars of organizational success – people, processes, and technology – and to draw upon their unique view of the enterprise to bring these elements into harmony.


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